long vanLong Plumbing, Inc. is locally owned and operated by Ken and Dennis Long.

Long Plumbing was established in 1963 by Merle Long. The business has been family owned and operated since that time. Mr. Long retired in 1993 and his sons, Ken and Dennis, who had worked with their Father for many years, took over the business and have operated it ever since.

When they took over operation of the business Ken and Dennis incorporated it in Illinois and Indiana and have successfully taken the business to the next level. Their Father has watched as his sons have continued what he started and the business continues to grow.

Ken and Dennis are proud of what their Father did and are honored to have the opportunity to continue the business. Ken and Dennis understand you can buy faucets, showers, water heater and all other plumbing and heating related equipment from just about anybody in town and a Kohler fixture is a Kohler fixture; but a Rheen furnace promised on thursday but not delivered until the following tuesday is a disappointment. So even though the air conditioner or water heaters may be the same, the service you receive is the difference between many other plumbing and heating contractors and Long Plumbing. Ken and Dennis understand that service is as important as product and it is their deisre to provide the best service possible along with the highest quality products.